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Ouch! Updates and forum info

A roadblock, what we've done, and some news!

Alright, so first things first... Zetaboards is gone. They were our hosting provider. Thankfully, they were courteous enough to transfer us over to Tapatalk. We're still getting used to Tapatalk, but in the mean time, the forums live on! YEAHH!! Some more great news - eCafe is growing and we now have a developing YouTube channel! Feel free to subscribe - content will likely pick up in December. In addition, eCafe is now the owner of PocketLintWorld, my blog! We're excited for what's to come and we thank you for sticking with us!


Coming closer and closer...

ARE WE THERE YET? Well, this post explains it.

Hello everyone! This is our first blog post on our own website. Some good news is coming - eCafe will officially be opening to the public very soon! We've been working VERY hard on polishing our forums and this site. I, Ultrax, have officially sat in this chair for 6 hours coding under the premise of trial and error. All I need to do next is develop a way for Dallas, Chris (i386 on the forum) and myself to easily add posts to update you, our viewers, on the craziest nerd news and the happenings here at eCafe. The site does need a bit more polishing (and a mobile/responsive version maybe?) before it's taken out of beta (it's in beta revision T5S5 as of this posting). Granted, it already looks fine, but we want to make it as close to perfect as possible before it's at the final version! Remember to check the "eCafe Announcements + More" forum on the eCafe boards and click the about page and check under "Coming to eCafe" for a more in-depth scoop on cool stuff. With that said, thanks for staying tuned, and we will see you next time!


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