The Story Of eCafe

Prepare yourself. This is gonna be a long one, so get your readers ready.

eCafe's story begins long ago. I (myself, B. Vincent) was too stupid to own a forum in 2015. But I pushed through. I created a forum known as BluIris Software. It was a place for me to share my own software, and for others to discuss computers, software, get help, help others, and rant about companies' tactics. Yeah, good old stuff. Me, my friend Dallas (now one of the eCafe owners), and a few others were active. But the thing is, I was not very well-versed with owning forums. Yeah, I was a good member on others' forums, but when it came to me owning a forum, I was simply not ready yet. At (approximately) the same time, my friend Dallas owned a forum and blog known as ComputersETC. It was nice, but suffered from the same issue BluIris did... lack of forum-operating knowledge. ComputersETC was basically the same thing BluIris was, except it was more personalized to Dallas, and had more members. A LOT more members. Back to BluIris, there were quite a few good discussions on the forum, but sometime in early 2016, I got fed up, and as inexperienced forum owners do, I closed down BluIris permanently. Or so I thought. Over the years (well, just 2 of them) I got more and more interested in forums. Me and Dallas hadn't spoken in a long time, except for the occasional back-and-forth email. It was one day, in December 2017, that me and Dallas began to speak more. Eventually, he asked if I wanted to have a voice chat. Things have never been the same since. The night we had that voice chat, I treated it like a sacred moment - well, we voice chat all the time now. We speak a lot. We do a lot. But one thing that has got to the both of us is our love and nostalgia for forums, or as we call it, the good old days. That's when I remembered BluIris. I realized I had matured, and just became so much better with forum knowledge over the months (and years). And, before I knew it, some time in June 2018, I re-opened BluIris as eCafe. I invited a few friends to the forum, and invited Dallas to it, and promoted him to an Owner (which there can only be two of, and who else but Dallas). And then, I got to work designing the eCafe web pages from the ground up. Anyways, this is how eCafe came to be today. Today, eCafe is a forum (and soon, blog) where people can have discussions regarding hardware, software, just rant about things, and even more.

What's coming soon to eCafe? Here's what's happening:

  • A Basic HTML Blog: Known as "eCafe Classic". 80% tables. Coming soon!
  • More sections to the forum, such as music, cars, and more!
  • Improvements to the site, and new pages.

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