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In case I haven't ranted enough, here is my rant on public restrooms. Yippeee!

Okay, so as we almost ALL know, public bathrooms are nasty as... well, public bathrooms. Piss on the floor, shit on the seat - anywhere you can think of, it's there. Ew.
So I will tell you about public restrooms, through the eyes of me. Be sure to tell me what you think, in the comment section! Let's get... rantin' and readin'.

Nasty-ass things I will be covering:

  • Decent Human Being
  • Girls vs. Boys' bathrooms.
  • Nasty urinals

Decent Human Being:

So it pretty simple. Public restrooms are fucking nasty. So nasty, that they deserve a place in Pocket Lint World Rant History. Yep, that is pretty nasty.
Not all public restrooms are nasty, though. I have been to a few 'nicer' ones in the not-so-distant past but the majority of public restrooms have been terrible.
People don't know how to be decent humans. Just because it's a restroom away from home doesn't mean you have to smear shit all over the seat. Come on.
With that said, I feel bad for these janitors. Cleaning up puke in the urinals, shit smeared on the stalls, piss on the floor. Come on people. COME ON!

Girls vs. Boys' Bathrooms:

This is the moment we have all been waiting for. Boys vs. Girls' bathrooms.
Stereotypically, the boys' bathroom would be nastier. But let's think for a minute. Nobody knows how to be a decent human. Also, girls have
periods which means for bloody tampons and pads scattered everywhere. Also, girls sit down to pee so in a way it can also be messy.
As a boy, don't ask how I know this - I have cleaned girls' bathrooms before. It is not as nice as your average boy would think it is. Also,
if you want a nice, clean bathroom, why don't you STOP SMEARING SHIT AND PISS ON THE WALLS? It is not that hard. Now, for the boys' restrooms.
So, it is just as gross, I have gone over the shit smeared everywhere, piss on the floor and puke in the urinals. But here's a problem. Urinals. Yep.
How would you like to have your schlong in public view whilst you take a whizz? You wouldn't like it. Also, I hate people that don't pull down just the
front of their pants but pull down those trowsers all the way, showing their ass to the whole bathroom. It humiliates them and grosses us others out.
So, in conclusion, I think we can come to an end saying that both bathrooms are fucking nasty in their own unique ways.

Nasty urinals:

Urinals. These fucking urinals. Whether if someone pulls down their entire pants revealing their ass or have their schlong in public view, they
are NASTY. Once, I found puke in a urinal, Once, I found a fucking TURD in a urinal. But you know what is worse? Those long metal ones!
People can simply look over their shoulder and see your long john. Simple. No privacy what so ever. Why don't you rub that person next to you's shoulders if you
like being so close together?

So, in conclusion, don't use public bathrooms. You might just be better off shitting yourself. (Or not.)

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by B.S. Vincent

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