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    From 2009 until at least 2012, CVS (and possibly Sears) were selling these cute little Sylvania-branded (these were made by one or two Chinese companies and were sold under many different names, and sometimes none at all) netbooks (labeled Wireless Internet Device). What they really were at heart were ARM-based Windows CE 6.0 (some with different CPU's were 5.0) devices. They have 7" screens, 1.5" trackpads, and tiny edge-to-edge keyboards. They can fit into deep pockets, and are insanely cute. Most of them have VIA WonderMedia WM8505 ARM CPUs. One or two models (such as the AUGEN E-Go model) have Anyka processors, but they are not as widely supported (and therefore you cannot reinstall CE on them) as the WonderMedia-based breed. Many people hated these due to the fact the company marketing them claimed that they were perfect for browsing, when in reality the browser that they have has not been updated since 07. It is not horrible, but there is very little CSS and Javascript support. This page was designed to work perfectly with the browser (IE6 pocket) on both these netbooks and Pocket PCs. These netbooks are cute because of their size and their OS (I am obsessed with Windows CE!) and for us geeks it's a cute device for forums, Twitter, and basic web browsing. Many of them come with TextMaker, and make them very reliable word processor/document/PDF-creation devices. The WM8505 models have incredible audio via the headphone port and that makes them reliable media players. To the average person it's not suitable, but for a geek like me, it's perfectly cute. Windows CE lives on in 2018!